Tuesday, 6 November 2007

An Cafe- Ryuusei Rocket

I've listened An Cafe for the past 2 years and they have never disappointed me, all their songs are filled with joy and happiness. I have to say this single is not the exception, they continue making good music and their newest members fit pretty cool on this single.

The first song is "Ryuusei Rocket" which reminds me of "Aurora", I just feel the sound is the same. Miku's voice is great, that's why I always loved An Cafe, his voice gives An Cafe its own personality.

The second song "Koi no Dependence" is not as good as the first, although Kanon's bass sounds great, apart from that thare's nothing really important to mention.

So yeah, my first mini review, I hope you enjoyed it, I would recommend An Cafe to anyone but I would suggest you start from the first singles and you'll see why I love them, although I still miss Bou.

BTW, PV rocks

Mata ne~

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Anonymous said...

Yeh, I love An Cafe too.
They are awsome, and some of things Miku does with his voice are pretty amazing to say the least....
And, Yeh, I miss Bou too. He was great and looked better than me in a short skirt! And I am female! lol.
And Ryuusei Rocket was awsome! So lively and happy as always!